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Payment market evolution has been linked with the ICT environment as one of main driving forces in this field of economics. Value-added services help to broaden the scope of payment market by providing range of efficient, secure and convenient methods for payment initiation, matching, archiving, etc.

Payment market stakeholders on both market sides are ready to offer and gradually ready to adopt new payment products. Second half of the first decade of 21st century is full of expectations regarding standardisations already at the level of customer to bank which expands already standardised bank to bank level.

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Keywords: payment, payment market, payment instruments, value-added services. Introduction The article explains general aspects of the importance of payment market evolution.

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The payment nowadays is not only the exchange of money against the goods or services payment means also the services surrounding it convenience, speed and security of performance. If payments are more related to the banking functions, then services make this market broader it opens entry for new suppliers for non-banks like IT, telecommunication and other service companies. The article consists of three main parts: the first explains the payment as a part of economical transaction; the second deals with the value-added services for payment; the third and the final part briefly explains observed progress made so far and names some expectations regarding future developments.

The Payment Area Payment is an usual part of any economic transaction.

Payment Market Development: Payments, Services and .Payment Market Development: Payments, Services

Payment is one of the chiefly unwritten agreements among parties to exchange goods or services for an ieņēmumi internetā par dolāriem remuneration.

Any national payment system can be more precisely described by using prototype of the pyramid please see Chart 1 where starting from the top level the most important payment systems have been located which are handling time and value critical payments. Next level is about the retail payment systems where numerous payments have been handled without time criticality and with small value of individual payment.

Bottom levels of pyramid are about intra banking system payments, i. There exist also other clearing and settlement mechanisms, like payments within banking group [20]. The first part of the article further on elaborates more on both main elements systems and instruments.

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Chart 1. Payment system [13, 7] Maksjumu sistma [13, 7] A payment is usually explained as SIA Firm Kants Trading settlement of funds with the goal to transfer money from the originator to the beneficiary.

In the marketplace they are commonly referred to as payment transfers, e. Payment systems have been used to handle these payments.

Separating payments by their importance according to their category such as inter-bank payments, corporate payments, retail payments, urgent payments and other categories, different payment systems can be used to perform these settlements. The core part of any national payment system is the real-time gross settlement system [9], which is used for handling large value payments, e.

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Payments in such systems have been settled on continuous basis and one by one. For handling the main part or time-non-critical retail payments there have been created automated clearing houses where payments are settled on batch basis banks can collect numerous payments in one batch and send it on as one file.

Settlements of such time-non-critical payments is also less frequent than those utilizing real-time payment visrentablākā lietojumprogramma naudas pelnīšanai internetā. Settlement is carried out at least once a day to fulfil the basic Large-value interbank payment systems Clearing and retail payment systems Intrabank payment systems Cash payments among natural and legal persons D.

Payment Market Development: Payments, Services and Market Expectations criteria [7] of payment systems qualitative running.

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More and more payment systems have been performed in more frequent clearing cycles, e. Other tendency of the payment system area is related to regional effects. In the USA there have been established effective optimisation of systems and banking functions in this area [14, 3]. Also already for many years in Europe, financial systems have undergone substantial consolidations and improvements. The same optimisation has been anticipated for retail payments in order to shorten the period for their processing through the payment systems.

Even if these payments were not SIA Firm Kants Trading, they have been enforced by the legal framework ensuring from next day execution until beneficiary account at the bank [18, 30]. The driving force behind these activities is related to the Lisbon Agenda [16] which increased the awareness of opportunities to involve knowledge-based and innovative elements in the payment area.

Shortening the payment process by speeding up the time for payment handling is a demanding process and an appropriate design of such systems is needed.

To keep the retail PS market open for the competition, in this area is also some side-effects or real-market elements which avoid any monopoly existence even if these monopolies are so-called natural monopolies and involve public good factor [2]. To get the best effectiveness of the payments handling and benefits from economy of scale and scope, concentration of transactions is important, but being mindful that they are not creating above mentioned market distortions. As far as retail payments in Europe are concerned, up until this moment no one single system for all customer payments has been put into use.

Therefore real SEPA single euro payments area [11] has not yet been established, but is anticipated in the upcoming years.

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Simplifying SEPA definition, it might be said that SEPA is made up of three payment instruments plus infrastructure for their handling any customer at any place in Europe is receiving the same scope of the payments instruments within the same main conditions.

The some of competitive aspects among countries banking communities remain additional services and pricing competition.

Next but no less important a level than systems, there is the level where payment instruments are located. Payment instruments stand for the tools by which any customer can initiate his or her payment SIA Firm Kants Trading. The most popular are card payments, credit transfers and direct debit payments.

In addition others might also be mentioned such as cheques and e-money settlements.

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Giving a brief overview regarding all five of them, the first deserving explanation would be card payments. Card payments are payments whereby the customer using a plastic card with a magnetic track by swiping it or sticking it in the appropriate slot in the sales terminal can pay for the purchase made.

In card payments, funds for payment are taken directly from the customer account at the bank. They are the so called debit cards.

The quality of the co-operation with enrolees and graduates. The quality of infrastructure.

Funds can be also taken from the customers account later by sending a bill at the end of a certain period, e. Range of cards by functionality is very different, as commercially any combination of cards functionality can be offered, e. Credit transfers are payments where customer by using PC, mobile phone or any other devices, as well as by going to the bank branch, can pay for the goods or services.

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Credit transfers are payments where payment document and funds are going the same direction, i. Currently most efficient are those payments where can be used STP principles, i. Broadly accepted principle is a Recommended.